Saturday, July 22, 2006

Socks Finally Finished!

Here they are -- those sole-sucking socks are done. I still need to learn how to fit a short row heel to my foot, allowing for a high instep (who knew!?!), but I'll approach that "scientifically" with my next pair of Fortissima Cotton socklets.

I've done some more Kool Aid dying (although I used Flavor Aid from the Dollar Store). Here is my VERY RED mini skein in Tropical Punch:

I figured I'd use the sun's power to help "cook" this skein on one of the really hot days this past week. It was fun looking out of the window to see when the color had been sucked up into the skein. Very fruity smelling even though I washed it out.

I think I have one more pic done on my new camera........hmmm, what was it?

Oh yeah, I'd added an earphone pocket to my iPod cozy. I think it looks quite spiffy. I'm writing up the directions for knitting this cozy and will post it here soon.
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