Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Bits of Stuff

Boy, it's been so hot the past few days! Makes it real hard to concentrate on anything for very long. So this post is going to take its own form.

New toys:
(1) I bought myself a present last week: a new type of spindle that spins like a noisemaker (gragger, for you Purim observers). What's really cool about this is that you can be sitting down and spin yarn out to the side instead of vertically down. I'll let you know how it works. It's called the Rakestraw Spinner.

(2) DH gave me the most wonderful anniversary gift -- a new digital camera! This pic of it is hopefully the last picture I take with my old camera. The LCD screen is HUGE compared with that of my loyal but technologically-handicapped Cybershot.

Knitting Progress:

(1) The Trekking socks are in their final stage of knitting. I'm on the cuff ribbing and it looks like I'll have a Ta-Da! pic up by next week. I think that I'll give these to my Mom so that she can wear them into the operating room when she has surgery next month. I always find that a pair of handmade socks helps "breaks the ice" with the OR staff before I'm put under anesthesia. Usually it's the OR nurse who notices first; she can't keep her hands off of them once she realizes (you tell her of course) that they're handmade. Then she apologizes for having fondled your feet without permission. You've just scored a point! No longer are you an anonymous "body" on the surgical slab table; You are that neat person with luscious socks. Or better yet: My mom will be that person who has someone who loves her enough to make her beautiful, handmade socks!

(2) A not-so-successful project was my attempt to knit a mug cozy. It ended up too big for even the biggest mug. Did I do a guage swatch? No, I didn't -- the whole darn mug cozy is about the same size as a guage swatch. Grrrr. Only afterward did I ask myself: why would I want a mug cozy? Idunno...
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