Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Box O' Fun from Yarnball

There's nothing more exciting than coming home and finding a box on your front step....Unless it's a box that has a message on it that says, "From your Secret Pal." Yes, the mysterious Yarnball has struck again!

So what did my Secret Pal gift me with this time? Oh me, oh my -- my sneaky spoilster sent me not only the book Folk Shawls, the book that I'd "snuck a peak" at at Amazon. com and developed a yen for. She ALSO sent me the most beautiful lace weight yarn -- Shimmer 70%alpaca/30%silk in an amazing colorway, "Turquoise Splendor." I'd looked at this yarn when contemplating what to use for the Mystery Stole KAL, but the online pic didn't do it justice. Oy, in person it is amazing!!!
Here's a pic of my "haul":

No, my pic doesn't do it justice either. Just take my word for it....the yarn is glorious!

Now, I realize that I'd given up on the Mystery Stole KAL, saying that lace-weight is too fiddly. I will ammend that statement: Given the patterns in the book, and this wonderful yarn, I WILL knit lace-weight. This yarn is my temptress. First I will "cut my teeth" on a shawl with a thicker yarn. Then -- once I know what I'm doing -- I will go at it. Thank you for the motivation, Yarnball!
You're welcome, Judy, my dear. Lots of lace-knittin' luck!! XOX Yarnball
OH JUDY I tried to post you a comment the last time I looked at your blog, to tell you I was glad you received your package and you were happy with it! Silly internet didn't FEEL LIKE conveying my message, apparently. Anyways, cheers, and good luck with the lacy adventures in your future. xoxo yarnball
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