Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Crawling to the "Finished" Line

(Fade in "Chariots of Fire" music)

Yes! I've finished my Secret Pal 8 gift and I WILL get it to the post office in time. I WILL not disappoint my pal. I have the rest of...well, heal. It's been a fast 3 1/2 months; but I CAN sprint -- uh, crawl -- to that finish line!

Oh Yarnball, I hardly knew ya! When will I learn who you are? Are you there, Yarnball?

(Fade out "Chariots of Fire music....)

Pics of "interesting" knitted gift to follow...after my pal has had time to receive it.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Tending to Tendons

I've been pretty quiet here because I'd sustained a cyber-injury. With all the keyboarding for the beta testing, and with all the knitting for SP8 and Mom's surgery socks, I've developed keyboard tendonitis! No, I'm okay....really.... not much pain (wince). The ugly black wrist brace sure does collect a lot of cat hair, thanks to the velcro closures. I hope to finish my secret pal's gift... .... if.... I...... can...... just..... hold...... on...... to...... the... needles.............

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Can You See Me Now?

Okay. I think I've fixed the problem of my blog title background. So do you PC users see the graphic now?

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Can You See This?

So, I'm back from Virginia and my mom is doing very well following her surgery. While I was "down South" I logged on to my blog, and I was surprised to NOT SEE my graphic behind the title words "With Knitted Brows"! I'm particularly proud of my graphic since I created it from scratch myself -- knitting needles shaped like knitted brows on a background of knitted sweater fabric. I can't figure out why it doesn't appear on some computers. Please tell me: CAN YOU SEE IT? Leave a comment below. Thanks!

The beta testing of the Sock Wizard software was a lot of fun and a very interesting way to spend the weekend. It was supposed to occupy about an hour per day for that Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but I'd say that I spent about 4 hours each day just trying to keep up with the team messages and the tasks. Dinah asked how I got to be involved. The short answer is that the program writer, Carole Wulster, posted to the Socknitters list (and some other lists, I think) inviting Mac-users to participate in the beta testing. The longer answer is that my DH and I met Leah Wulster, who was representing/selling Software4Knitting products at a knitting convention in King of Prussia PA. We got to talking about Macs and she told me that there was going to be beta testing of this new software in the near future. She took my contact info and....contacted me!

Quick News:

1) My mom loved her socks -- those Trekking XXL "problem-children" turned out to fit her perfectly. Yay!!!!!!

2) I sent my secret pal (8) a package and was so gratified to learn how much she appreciated it. It is fun to give, but......

3) The mysterious Yarnball left me a comment saying that I'm soon to RECEIVE -- even more fun!

4) I'm halfway through knitting a pair of anklets made with Fortissima Cotton and various leftover stripes. Pic forthcoming.

All for now. Please remember to leave a comment to let me know if you see the title graphic -- THANKS!!

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