Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Raindrops Keep Fallin'....

What a gray, rainy day! Let's see what the cat-kins have been up to:




Well at least she hasn't conked out ...yet!

You know, it's pretty fun to be a Spoiler....almost as much fun as to be the Spoilee. I sent my Secret Pal spoilee her first package, and my heart is full knowing how much she enjoyed it! And there's still almost 3 months to go for a spoil-filled summer.

Off to figure out what to pack for my trip. I hope the sun will be in my suitcase. In my next post, the start of project "Swatch Watch."

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Sole-Sucking Socks

Jeezy Peezy! I can't believe that it's been SO long since I last posted. Now where did I put those excuses...? Oh yeah, my allergies have been HORRIBLE this season! Unrelenting. Mickey was sick and needed surgery. My poor boy! He's feeling much better minus 4 teeth and full of antibiotics. He's such a wonderful patient; so wonderful that he's actually been eating his pill for us! And now he's so full of energy that he's now jumping onto places only previously inhabited by Leo our gravity-defying Gumby cat.

Okay. I've been locked into a mortal battle for my sole. Yes, I know that today is 6/6/06, but this has been going on for the past month. And this is the REAL reason for my absence. What could I say about knitting progress...

When I've knitted and ripped out the heel of these socks 4 times now

So, here's heel attempt #4: Looks pretty good, huh?

Now look at it on my actual foot:


It should have fit; I'd measured my foot length and adjusted the measurement 4 times. If it doesn't fit, I must quit......BUT then I had a thought: I'd been hearing about this phenomenon called a "high instep"; however, I never understood what that was. I know that I have Morton's foot (even though my name is Judy), given that my second toe is way longer than my first toe. Off the topic a bit, I know, although it does affect my personal taste in toe design. Back to the high instep: I know the circumference of the ball of my foot is 9 inches, so I measured the circumference of the instep and -- WOW! -- it's bigger by an inch or so. So even though I'd knitted the length correctly, my fat instep (i.e. high instep) used some of the length stretching around it. Thus the sock's too short. Now that I know why. I think I will be able to conquer this devil sock pair. Tune in to see who wins...

On another topic, the mysterious Yarnball has struck! Who is Yarnball? My Secret Pal. I received a package with delicious Chai Tea and really cute little sweater needle holders. Thank you, oh mysterious Yarnball! This is how I envision you. I'll use this everytime I "receive contact" from ya'. And if you like it, feel free to use it!

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