Saturday, August 09, 2008

Twisters and Sisters

TP Tubes

I haven't mentioned spinning in a while. Here's some of my spindle spun yarn. I love using the toilet paper tubes to store singles on. It's very convenient, there's always a new one soon to be available, and it's recycling! By counting the number of times I've gone around the tube (and writing it down on the edge), I can figure how much yardage I have on each tube (after measuring the circumference of the tube) -- simple math!. Here I have three mini skeins of 3 ply. I LOVE this spindle! I bought it at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. It's a Golding -- I bet you didn't guess that.... He has a "new" line of spindles that he makes out of vintage bracelets. This is a vintage enamel bracelet and it spins like a dream.


Isn't this precious? Sophie needed a soft furry friend when she was a baby. This is her "cat," Linguini. He's called that because he's long and thin. Sophie is now 4 years old but she still needs to spend a little bit of every day with her special pal. Usually she kneads his belly while rubbing her little chin whiskers on his fuzzy body. She gets this blissed out look, then she falls asleep. 

And Not So Innocent

And Sophie's sister, Dot, naps with her special pal, DH. Yes, I'm afraid that she's "the other woman." Her look says that I am. She's really very sweet, no really! Except with her sister -- but those of us with sisters can understand. It's a girl thang.


Hey Judy - it's Diana from the Tangled Web. Those pictures of your cats made me laugh out loud - I get EXACTLY the same look from my husband's "cat-wife" Silly, who thinks I'm some sort of interloper between her and my husband.
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