Saturday, November 04, 2006

Cat TV

The best idea that I've had in a long time: putting up this bird feeder on the bedroom window. It provides HOURS of interactive fun for the 4 puss-wads. Why, here are two now, watching their fearless finchy friend snack on some sunflower seeds. Say that fast 4 times!

When last we met, I'd posted a pic of a couple of skeins of plain old wool that I'd spun. I used the leftover Kool Aid from my previous dyeing project and dyed these 2 skeins. I wound them into balls then soaked them in water to wet them through, then plopped them into jars with the Kool Aid. When the water looked clear, I knew that all the dye had been absorbed into the yarn. I zapped them in the microwave for two minutes in their now-clear water. Then I rinsed the balls, unwound them into skeins, rinsed again and hung them up to dry in the shower on hangers.

I then plied them together with my spindle (spinning the spindle in the direction opposite what I'd used to spin the balls), and this is what I got. Okay, the pic doesn't do it justice; I just wanted to get it up here .

I think this pic of it knitted up shows the variegated color better, don't you? I really need to learn how to use my new digital camera better.

The dyeing saga continues.......... and it just gets better!
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