Friday, March 31, 2006

Birthday Girls

It's a beautiful spring day, my cold is gone, and the forsythia and maple trees are in bloom. And....
The girls are two years old today!!

When they came to us -- just for a short recovery/fostering period -- they were so small, so sick. Especially Sophie, who had lost a pound of weight off of her 3-pound frame. At four months of age, she was the size of a kitten half her age. I took them home from the shelter to nurse them back to health. But they wormed their way into our hearts -- and gave me ringworm in the process. They never went back. And now they're beautiful, happy, active 2 -year olds. And we couldn't imagine our life without them. The "boys" are very fond of them too, and still try (and succeed) in grooming them . Who said boys aren't nurturers!

Here's a pic of when the girls had just been let out of their "sick room." They both look much better than three weeks prior, when I'd first brought them home. Hard to believe, huh? Dot's nose (she's the one with the dot on her nose) is so congested that she's breathing with her mouth open. And Sophie (toward the left) has so much tearing that there's a wet track running down the side of her nose.


Here's a pic of them now. Such beautiful girls!

Unfortunately, the idyllic sisterly love thing just can't last....after all, they ARE sisters!


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